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Veckans praktiska tips: Utvecklas med Raziel

Veckans praktiska tips: Utvecklas med Raziel

Att kalla på Ärkeängeln Raziel är en katapult in i den spirituella världen som du är ämnad för.
Så här lyder hans “rop” på engelska:

“I’m super grateful for the showers of blessings woven in my life and the attraction laws archangel Raziel.
Please let me know all your secrets about creation’s divine laws and the entire universe to one day comprehend them and also manifest miracles and guide others.
I’m honored since you have accepted me as an amateur to teach me some truths about the universe.
Archangel Raziel, relate with me mutually in different ways today so that I can taste and feel.
Guide and support me to unlock all the wisdom and knowledge you can possibly give. Raise my consciousness and spirituality to newer heights and light.
Be my guide as I try to figure out the purpose of these divine gifts from God and how to put them in good use.

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